Palace Chat Termonology

AFK Away from Keyboard
AOL Originally, America On Line, but due to the questionable intelligence of those who use AOL, it has almost universally come to represent Asshole On Line.
asl age/sex/location (mating cry of the sk8r)
Avatar (avs) Avatars are what you wear to represent yourself on palace. They range from the simple 'guest' green ball smileys to carefully edited photographs of celebrities. Most commonly refered to as 'Avs'.
BBL Be Back Later
BRB Be Right Back
BTDT Been There, Done That
BTW By The Way
cybersex The sound of one handed typing.
cyborg There are two types of scripts which allow you to interact with your palace environment. First is the server script which contains scripts for each room and which is unique to each palace. Second is the 'cyborg' or 'borg' script which is unique to each user or client. Cyborg scripts include automatic greeting scripts, kissing scripts, and other snazzy paint scripts. Both scripts use iptscrae - The Palace's basic programming language...
Edit To create or change props or avatars.
EFG evil funky grin
EWG Evil Wicked Grin
FC Reference to where all the filth and dirt of was laid out in plain site. A running diatribe of bitterness!
FFLK An affliction that strikes users who have to type on laptops. Fat Fingers, Little Keyboard.
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYI For Your Information
g 'grin' - usually in brackets or angles or [g]
God The owner(s) or trusted friends of the owner who have complete and utter control over the Palace Environment.
Greenie Used to refer to a new or non-registered user of palace, in the early years, it was considered derogatory towards those to cheap to get a reg code.
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion
INAL I'm Not A Lawyer
IOW In Other Words
iptscrae this is the programming language of the palace. it is used for cyborgs and room scripts.
Jbum Jim Bumgardner, the revered and beloved inventor of Palace, who was smart enough to sell it and get out before .coms went to hell in a handbasket
JFYI Just For Your Information
KISS Keep it simple, stupid....
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off

Laughing Out Loud

LTNS long time no see
maart A fookin Dootchy who claims to be Scootish. One of the best resources and dedicated promoter of Palace.
Main A reference to the original Palace 'Mansion' at
NBD No Big Deal
newbie People new to palace and the kind of person that might be reading this list.
OIC Oh, I See
OTL Out To Lunch
OTOH On The Other Hand
Paint The ability to 'paint' colored lines over the graphics in palace rooms IF painting is turned on in that room. Note: Painting can casue large amounts of lag and is usually OFF by default.
Palace Planet Palace Portal filled with all available Palace resources.
PITA Pain In The Ass
ppl people
prolly short form for 'probably'
Prop A 44 x 44 pixel square of graphic representation used in Palace. 9 props are the maximum you can wear as an 'Avatar'
PTB Powers That Be
RL Real Life. This refers to the oftimes intrusive offline existence we all lead when the computer is switched off.
ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROTF Rolling On The Floor
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
RTFM Read The Funky Manual
Script Individual Scripts make up the Cyborg (see cyborg). Scripts manipulate the palace environment with movement, prop placement or painting.
skaters (sk8ters) Skaters are a unique type of avatar that is popular mainly with teenagers. Available in male or female, the skater is highly customizable in terms of hairstyle, clothes and shoes. Dollz are similar to skaters.
SNAFU Situation Normal, All "fixed" Up
SSDD Same Shit, Different Day
STFU Shut the Fuck Up!
Sysop 'Systems Operator': person who manages a Forum
TIC Tongue In Cheek
TTYL Talk To You Later

A strange undefined language that most computer users soon become fluent in. If u cn reed thsi, u r spekign typo!

Wizard A user with greater control over the Palace environment, who at the behest of the Gods of that Palace may discipline users who do not follow rules and/or help in the creation of that Palace
WTF What the Fuck? Alternatively, Who, How, Why or When the Fuck. Example WTF are you sitting on me?
WTH What The Hell
WUWD American Ghetto Slang: What Up Wit Dat??? Transalates to What's Up With That?
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
Zombie Woof The Dread Pirate Zombie Woof, nefarious cyber pirate and all around evil bastard has been blamed for the downfall of and just about everything else bad that happens in Cyberspace. Approach with caution.
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Palace Manuals and Guides
Palace Client Guides and Manuals Manuals go into every detail of Palace operations. Guides just give you a quick overview of the basics. HowTo: Client ...
Iptscrae Language Reference
This section is a reference to the Iptscrae language: * Data types * Event handlers * Commands and functions * Operators Iptscrae possesses over 100 specialized commands and keywords, as well as its own versions of many commonly-used operators and functions; each of these represents a wide range of interactive possibilities awaiting your imagination. ...
Quick Reference
The following table is a brief summary of the Iptscrae commands and their meanings. ...
Adding Machine Exercise
The following exercise provides a step-by-step look at the creation of a script called "Adding Machine," which performs addition problems. With this script in place, whenever you type in something like "673 plus 897" your avatar will say "673 plus 897 equals 1570", and at last your parents will see the point behind all that tuition ...
Code Limitations
This section describes the current Iptscrae implementation limits. No matter how cleverly you assign variable names and swap graphic elements, there are some data handling boundaries hard-coded into the software. In general, The Palace Viewer version of Iptscrae is limited only by the memory available in the browser, so these limits only apply to The Palace User Software clients for Windows and Macintosh. Note that client and server limites may override those noted below. ...
Iptscrae Index
Alphabetical Index Page of the Iptscrae manual...
Wizard Manual Contents
An overview of all available topics covered in the Wizards Manual....
Operators and Owners
Like most text-based chat systems and Internet MUDs (Multi-User Dimensions), The Palace software allows you to assign special powers to a select group of trusted users, making them "virtual authority figures" on your site. In Palace parlance, these individuals are known as operators and owners. This chapter has the following sections: * The Palace user hierarchy * Palace operators * Palace owners * Personal styles ...
The Operator's Interface
This section describes the advanced authoring features accessible by operators and owners via the Palace User Software interface: * Becoming an operator * Becoming an owner * Using the Operator menu * The Windows operator avatar pop-up menu ...
Operator and Owner Commands
The following section describes the syntax and function of all special commands available in operator mode: * Operator commands * Owner commands * The 'page command revisited ...
Being a Responsible Operator
This section contains a number of guidelines and discussions intended to help you "grow" your site and maintain a positive and effective reputation as a operator. Some of these guidelines suggest general attitudes and actions to be performed on a continual basis, while others are intended to help you recognize and deal with disruptive or abusive users, in specific circumstances. * Overview * Roles and responsibilities * Security functions * Authoring ...
Palace Design Tips & Techniques
This section describes various means of adding advanced functionality to your Palace site, and includes an examination of the limitations faced by Palace designers. * Using a new template * Authoring with The Palace Authoring Tool * Linking Palace sites and web sites * Palace limitations and workarounds ...
Adding A Server Monitor To A Web Page
Palace Server version 4.3.2, which shipped for Unix, Linux, and Windows NT platforms, shipped with a Server Monitor as part of the InstantPalace files. This small java applet should be run from a web server that is on the same machine as your Palace Server. The Server Monitor (also called PalaceServer Resource Center) has a red and green light that shows whether your server is running. It also displays how many people are on your server, the server version, and the server capacity. ...
Palace Command Summary
The following table provides a list of all special commands (not counting Iptscrae commands and keywords): ...