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How to convert pictures into Avatars

Palace Prop editing Guides

guides on how to convert pictures to avatars

- Paintshop Pro tutorial

- Colored avatard for dummies

- How to use the Client Prop Editor

- How to use the Prop File Manager


Getting Started

Getting Started:

easy instrcutions on how to get started

- What is the Palace

- How to get on the Palace

- The palace UPgrader

- Kids online safety tips

- Community Standards

- Promoting your Palace with a website

- Text to speech plugin

Palace Client manual

The Palace Client Manual

the 'official' tech manual for the Palace client

- Palace Client Manual Index

- Getting Started

- Connecting to Palace Sites

- How to Use the Palace

- The Palace Client Interface

Palace Builders guide

Palace Builders for beginners

easy to follow guide on how to plan and build your Palace. Inludes the Basic Palace Building Guide for a quick start.

- Palace Builders guide

- The Palace BASIC Palace Building Guide

- Virtual Planning

- The Wizard University

- The Art of Noise

- Palace Housekeeping

- Palace Premiere

- The Unwritten Code of Conduct

- Allscray guide

Palace Server manual

The Palace Server Manual

the 'official' tech manual for the Palace Server

- Palace Server Manual

- Getting Started

- Administering Your Palace Site

- The Palace Control Panel Interface

Palace Wizards and Owners manual

The Palace Wizard Manual

the 'official' tech manual for Palace Owners and Wizards

- Palace Wizards and Owners manual

- Palace Operators and Palace Owners

- Palace Operator and Palace Owner Commands

- Allscray guide

Palace Scripting IPTscrae manual

The Palace IptScrae Manual

the 'official' tech manual for Palace scripting

- Scripting Iptscrae manual

- An Introduction to Iptscrae

- Iptscrae Language Reference

- Quick Reference

- Allscray guide

- Hex's Scriptspot