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Iptscrae Language Guide

An Introduction to Iptscrae

What is Iptscrae?
Reverse Polish notation
Scripting the stack
How to run Iptscrae
Entering Iptscrae in the input box ("Slash Commands")
Iptscrae in Authoring Mode
Iptscrae in ASCII: Editing script files
Anatomy of a script file
Specifying room data
Specifying spot data

Iptscrae Language Reference

Data types
Symbols (variable names)
Numbers ( integers)
Strings (string literals)
Special-Case Symbols
Event handlers
Commands and functions
Cyborg commands and functions
Spot commands and functions
Paint commands and functions
Sound commands and functions
Flow commands and functions
General commands and functions
Standard Operators
Assignment Operators

Quick Reference

Appendix A Adding Machine Exercise

Appendix B Code Limitations

Appendix C The Palace Client Plugin API