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Palace and the Art of Conversation

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When you first start on Palace, (cast your mind back….waaaay back) it is actually difficult to get any sensible conversation out of anyone. You may not recall this, if you are a hardened Veteran, because you know a few people now. But when you first started, you entered a room, waited a day or so for the picture to load, and then hid in a corner as quickly as possible. When your heart rate had recovered from the scary experience of landing in a room full of strangers you might then try a very tentative, "hi" and be absolutely amazed when someone went "hi" back.

Unfortunately this great exchange is as far as it goes. So what do you do now? You can't keep saying "hi" all night. Well, o.k. you can, and in fact that's all some people do. In fact I'm sure some folk go out of the room and come back again just so that someone will say "hi" or "wb" again. So…..How do you actually get people to talk to you?

Well, there is no mystery to this. It works just like in real life. You have to either say something interesting, provocative, or stupid. So here is my Quick Conversation Starters, and the expected result:-

QUICK CONVERSATION STARTERS: 1) "Who owns this Palace? It's really cool." This is guaranteed to make you some new friends even if the Palace is a heap of junk and made up of pictures stolen from other places. A Palace takes time to build/steal and everyone appreciates a little encouragement. If you are lucky you will find yourself talking to the Palace God.

This is VERY GOOD because this is the exact person you need to suck up to in order to be made Wiz later. 2) "How do I make an av?" Not such a good one this. If you find someone who is actually patient enough to explain then you're good for at least a ten minute conversation, but you're more likely to get directed to the Avatar Palace. Which is no bad thing if you are under 16 and don't get migraines easily. 3) "I just shot my step-father." This is a very good conversation starter after the initial silence. If you can maintain the personality of someone slightly crazed, then so much the better. However, bear in mind that this palace might already have been visited that day by someone claiming to be God, a friend of Mick Jagger, or the CEO of a Multi-National organisation, in which case you will very likely be killed. (However if you are going to use this Conversation Opener in The Land of Squigglynames, the response is quite different. (You know the idea, ^*^*^*&Squigglynames&^***(*) I tried this at Mount Olympus. This is the log.

SuperScoop: I just shot my step-father. //////B+=$£$£$: Kewl! %%%$LeeteTITS%%%: Kewl! SugarBunny(Matt): wow superscoop rocks!

4) "You're all fat lame ass losers!" This is a sure fire way to get people chatting. It might not make you a lot of friends but it certainly will open up the conversation. If you don't get killed, you will enjoy a thoroughly stimulating conversation on success, weight loss, your family background, and the whereabouts of your anal sphincter.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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