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Avatars Links & Tools Downloads
Links to many doll and avatar sites. With tutorials on how to make your own. Backup propsfiles, Paintshop Pro and Photoshop Colortable files to make the perfect Avatars.

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Guardian Filesize: 57Kbytes
  Guardian is a FREE palace server plugin that controls the commands that groups and ranks of users can issue to the server. It also provides control for limiting certain packets (or protocol) from getting to the server based on rank/groups. This plugin functions as a frontend filter to the server''s normal privilege & protocol handling mechanism.
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zip  Windows Text To Speech plugin Filesize: 7812Kbytes
Text to Speech is a plugin for The Palace Software that converts typed text into vocal audio over a computer's soundcard. This plugin uses MS Direct Sound.
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zip  Instant Palace install Filesize: 1813Kbytes
  The Instant Palace files. All the cabs and html you need to get instant palace up and running. Only works with the Microsoft JAVA that came with the old Internet Explorer. Does NOT work with the latest browsers like FireFox, Internet Explorer 6, Safari and Opera. Check the Java Sun Instant alace for aditional files you need to make it work. (you need BOTH downloads)
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zip  UltraEdit IPT WordFile Filesize: 1045bytes
  This "WordFile" is a great addition for anybody who edits theyr own Palace Server.PAT file and Palace Client Cyborg.IPT in the Text editor UltraEdit. It will check your script syntax for errors and color marks everything for easy checking and error finding.

Free download.
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zip  Ultra Edit32
  Ultra Edit: the ideal PC text editor for all Palace users, together with the IptWordfile an unbeatable combination. Spot your scripting errors with the brilliant IPT coloring and find those PAT errors in no time. Its definately worth the $30 you need to pay for it after 30 days of use.

Commercial software.
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Edit Pad for Windows
  A simple and free Text editor for all your plain text Script files. Edit your Palace Client Cyborg, or your Palace Server PAT.

Free download.
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  TextPad ® is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use, with all the features a power user requires.

When just getting the job done is work enough, the last thing you need is to waste time having to learn yet another computer application. Your experience with other tools should be relevant to each new application, making it possible to sit down and use that new application right away.

Commercial tool cost around $29.-
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zip  Palace Painter
  The Palace Painter, turns your paintings into scriptable coordinates.

Free tool Download
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How to Make an Avatar on a Mac
  A site help for new palacers in the creation of their own individual avatars.This is best done with Photoshop but any paint program should work.

Simple tutorial on how to make avatars with Photoshop on a Mac.
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How to Move an Avatar within its tiles
  It's relatively straightforward to move a tile up or down, but if you want to move part of the avatar onto a different tile it becomes trickier.
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Making Tags
  A page on Making Tags using PSP for The Palace Visual Chat.
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Mermaiden's Cartoon Doll Adoptions
  Mermaidens site full of Cartoon Dolls.
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How to convert your pictures to Palace avatars.
  So you wanna convert a picture into an av eh? A Paintshop Pro Tutorial
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How to CREATE cartoon dolls!
  This will show you HOW TO CREATE cartoon dolls, this is *not* a drag and drop.

The tutorials here are more for those who are just starting out in dolling, or for those who know nothing at all about creating cartoon dolls. You do not need any expensive or complicated paint programs or The Palace Chat for making dolls - you can even use MS Paint!
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originz of dollz
  The who, what, where, when, and why of "dollz" ... originally Palace avatars/props. History from 1995 to today, with examples and stories about each doll.
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Dollz Mania
  Great dollmaker and palace.
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Dolls Bliss Doll Maker
  Excellent Doll maker website, very cute and professional. Definitely worth a visit!
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zip  Windows Default Propbag Filesize: 91Kbytes
  The Propbag that came with the Palace Client install. Only use in emergency when youre own propbag is beyond repair. Using this one will replace all the props in youre current bag.
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Prop Recall (Linux) Filesize: 20Kbytes
  Prop Recall is a tool/utility meant to replace Pawn's infamous Prop Refresh Tool. Instead of all the hassle of making a new blank prop bag to output all your cached server props, props for avatar rooms for instance, this tool does all the hard work for you!
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zip  Galen: Windows Client Avatar maker Filesize: 316Kbytes
  Easy to use windows Avatar maker. Import your picture of choice, convert it and import in the Palace with all the right colors.
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zip  Paintshop PRO Palace Color table Filesize: 750bytes
  The Palace Color Table you need to make perfect Props/Dolls and roompictures for the Palace.
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