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01-28-2007 06:24 PM
maarten's Avatar


Thats easy: find the user you want to network with by using the big SEARCH button in profiles OR use the memberlist OR from a forumpost.

Go to this persons profile and click the Network with xxxxx link top left, right under the "Profile | Discussion ... etc." links.

Then you get a menu to select the group you want to add this user too and a message he/she will get when you add her/him.

The cool thing is in the group dropdown menu on the bottom there is a Add New Group

you can make your own group names and add them.

check it out, its pretty cool.
01-28-2007 01:55 PM
Street skateboarder's Avatar

How do you add people to your friends?
01-25-2007 10:28 AM
maarten's Avatar

lol.... 4/10 well thats almost double your own score right?

Originally Posted by Pooch_1
It is slightly better, 4 / 10 for trying
Originally Posted by maarten
This be more to your wishes then sir?
01-25-2007 06:40 AM
Pooch_1's Avatar

It is slightly better, 4 / 10 for trying
Originally Posted by maarten
This be more to your wishes then sir?
01-21-2007 12:40 AM
maarten's Avatar

This be more to your wishes then sir?
01-21-2007 12:17 AM
Pooch_1's Avatar

Brighten this profile up ............. ROFLMAO!
01-17-2007 05:05 AM
maarten's Avatar

01-11-2007 08:09 AM
maarten's Avatar

Wow what a ugly green lol how come it worked for the hulk and not for me?

Oh well...
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Another 5 days gone since my last profile action. Makes it sound a bit like something medical to be honest, say it quickly and it comes out like: "Profilaction"

More stuff has been added, the new arcade is very funny, I love the tournament option. and not nerd to much about the site but I think its coming together really well.

Maybe we should start having Profile competitions: who can pimp their profile the best!

Wooho yeah cool lets set that up.

Need to find more people who want to sponsor the Palace Profile idea, its solid and works. So Get your friends to start a profile, its fun and VERY handy.


Wooohoo ok more updates!

Cool new animated avatars and loads of new stuff todiscover on the site.

And weird stuff like this:

And it just keeps getting better: try it out: http://my.palacespace.net/profile/maarten

and you end up here! Yep we just got launched into PalaceSPACE!

Invite your friends and spread the word, palace profiles are here to stay. (for everyone)


Week one day one of the new Palace Planet setup and layout.

To be honest right now its confusing me, so many small details to fix and hundreds of links now going nowhere. With the redirect engine from the site this can be fixed off course but its a lot of work to find out who is linked what and how.

Most people didn't link the way I suggested: using the subdomains. and with all the direct links going to module calls that don't exist anymore we need to trouble shoot a lot of stuff.

Anyway enough boring tech talk. ... the site looks good and with the new integrated Wiki its going to be great!


After 7 days editing templates and hacks its finally looking like the old site... ?!?

So why not keep the old site? Well Palace Planet was stuck, the internet is changing into more community oriented stuff and we ran out of ways to help people.

with the new system we can now offer an entire Palace Profile system. loads of cool gadgets and gooodies.

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