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The Palace Wizards and Owners manual


Palace Operators and Palace Owners

Palace Operators
Palace Owners
The Palace user hierarchy
Personal styles
Design Palace Operators
Social Palace Operators

The Palace Operator's Interface

Becoming a Palace Operator
Becoming a Palace Owner
Using the Palace Operator menu

Palace Operator and Palace Owner Commands

Palace Operator commands
The Palace Owner commands
Message shortcuts
The `page command revisited
Replying to pages

The Good Palace Operator

Roles and responsibilities
Setting an example
Helping new users
The host with the most
Special events
Palace patrol
Security functions
Make chat, not war
Just the facts, ma'am
Tools of the trade
Recommended escalation procedure
After the event
Animation and scripting
Say Ellohae to Iptscrae

Palace Design Tips & Techniques

Linking Palace sites and web sites
HyperLinks: From Web to Palace
HyperDoors: From Palace to Web
Case History: The Good, the Bad, and the Totally Stupid
Palace limitations and workarounds
File sizes and preloading
Art and Palette Limitations
Audio limitations
Code limitations

The ~club Command

Palace Command Summary

Guest commands
Member commands
Palace Operator commands
The Palace Owner commands