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The Palace User Software Guide for Windows

Introduction: What is the Palace?

Welcome to the Palace: a giant web of interactive worlds spread across the planet. With the Palace user software as your gateway, the variety of Palace destinations you can explore is endless. You can visit a diverse range of communities, many are personal sites where you simply can go to chat and socialize with friends and family. Because of its visual nature The Palace is not just a chat, it is an online multimedia experience not to be missed. Animation, props and sounds all scripted together by some of the most creative minds on the internet.

The simple tools provided in the Palace User Client bring a totally new dimension to chat.

Avatars, popularly known as Props are one of the main attractions for newcomers. Dress in your favorite moviestar, doll or use any picture you can find to visualise yourself. Many Palace owners have build "proprooms" to store they're favorite creations. With thousands and thousands of props available newcomer can go "propshopping" for days to find just that perfect "prop".

But it does not stop there: What are pictures without Sound: wav, midi and offcourse mp3's and a complete scripting language to manipulate speech, and any palace action. Add to this painting and the party is complete.Props, painting, scripting and sound combined with the users imagination makes the Palace the most fun you can have on the net.

One of the best things about the Palace is that it is an open system, if you download the Palace Server, you can even build and customize your own personal Palace site to host other people. A Private Palace user version is available for free on the Palace website ( You can run this from your home computer and invite your friends. (check for details on how to setup a server). The Palace User client not only functions as a front-end to browse the Palace community, but also does double-duty as a full-fledged authoring tool. By going into "wizard-mode" you will have powefull Palace tools and the Iptscrae scripting language available. With this you can create your own virtual world and share it with others.

The system also ensures that all Palace sites can be interlinked. Not just by the Palace Directory, but also by linking to any Palace of your choice. Or even link to your servers website, very handy if you want people to download pictures and sounds before entering the whole Palace. Naturally you can link from any website to your Palace server IF you have a permanent adress, this can be done by either having your Palace hosted, with a permanent IP through DSL or one of the dynamic IP redirect services available on the net.