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Old 12-13-2008 , 12:52 AM    #11 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14

Oh Maarten I feel so dumb!! LOL Not the first time though.

I read your reply "funny come chat with Obama!" And tried to figure it out because I did not say to come chat with Obama. Or did I? LOL

What I was trying to say is......

After listening to all the news about Obama..........


Come on over to Palaceplanet to chat with others. Then adding the link to your site here.

When I was reading again what I said I realized it could be misinterpreted as my saying.... news about Obama chat with others at Palaceplanet.

That is the problem with twitter allowing so few characters in each message I try to say too much in too few words where I end up saying what I wasn't saying! LOL

And bad thing about Twitter, so far as I know, you can not delete messages after they are typed they are out there forever lol I mean you can delete them from your home page there but they still will show up when people search messages.

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb me lol

Did anyone stop by to see where the Obama chat was????? LOL

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Old 12-14-2008 , 10:18 PM    #12 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14


For anyone using Twitter to advertise your palace, while that is ok and to quote from their site "Commercial or promotional use of Twitter is allowed." BUT there is certain ways you are allowed or not allowed to do that. It is a little confusing to me and it don't take much to confuse me lol so if you use Twitter to advertise this site and/or your palace make sure you read about what they consider spam so you will know which ways are allowed and which are not.

The only thing from what I read that I should NOT had recommended here is to put certain words in your messages just to get your messages to show up under certain searches. It's ok to say Palace or Palace chat and to give this website link; palaceplanet in your messages, messages like that ARE OK and I think I am ok with my putting Obama in my message because I was already tweeting a lot about Obama LOL and have been for months never mentioning this site while talking about Obama until a few recently so they can't say I did that just to advertise this site but it is something I shall be more careful about now that I know that :) I should had searched out their rules on spam to start with but knowing it was ok to advertise there I didn't think to do that until recently when I saw others that were spaming certain people not just advertising their site on Twitter but sending the messages to targeted people so I decided to check out exactly what was not ok!

And Maarten I noticed on your link here for putting a palace in your directory it states to put a URL? I am not hosted and I don't have a web site, I only have a IP number for my Palace so would I just put the IP number with nothing else in the field? I am not ready yet to list but wanted to know for when I am :)

I have already given this site a lot of exposure on Twitter and hope many others are, too!! Because as I say that IS ALLOWED! It is just how you do it that may or may not be ok.

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Old 12-15-2008 , 02:44 PM    #13 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14

Oh man even the Add O Matic is gone :(

I am in trouble! LOL

Too lazy to try to learn it all myself hehe

Maaten what about you? Making a program like the Add O Matic? LOL Man that was a good program for beginners and others that had difficulty learning and understanding all The Palace stuff!

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Old 12-15-2008 , 06:32 PM    #14 (permalink)

Palace Planet Founder

Location: DiGiLaNd
Posts: 1,048

Gone? You are on Palaceplanet, nothing is ever GONE on Palaceplanet, its just hiding :)

Check out the work in progress rescued resource:

Ali-Co Palace Tools

Please don't ask me for help in private, use the USER QUESTIONS forum if you need help.

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Old 12-15-2008 , 06:36 PM    #15 (permalink)

Palace Planet Founder

Location: DiGiLaNd
Posts: 1,048

Anyway, in response to your Obama chat lol.. I was just joking, it seems to be common practice to shout statements like "talk to Kennedy from the grave" or whatever just to get people curious and then offer them a loan or.. Palace chat!

By the way we might need to utilise the Palace planet Palace, put it up as a welcome chat and get volunteers to sit there and tell people where to go and how to get on Palace fur huuure for real like totally!!

Like Oh MAG GAWD!?!?!

Or something like that..... Because nothing beats a proper live demonstration follow up. We spamm the world.. wide ... web and then we need something to showcase how fun it is right?

Please don't ask me for help in private, use the USER QUESTIONS forum if you need help.

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Old 12-15-2008 , 07:31 PM    #16 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14


I had kept a copy of the exe of Add O Matic and it didn't work but just incase I had a older version that didn't work I went ahead and re-installed again the Add O Matic from the link you gave and it still does not work :(
I got the following message:

=====================12/15/2008 12:17:20 PM=====================
Could not connect to the Site List Host server.
Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
The Site List Host server may be down.
There may be bad internet traffic between your computer and the Site List server.
If this problem continues for long, you can send an email to and ask them to check the Site List server.

I had also tried going to their web site and it would not come up so when I said it was gone, I meant gone LOL unless it is just me???? That it is not working for????

That's why I wanted you to make a Maarten O Matic! LOL

I have been sending lots of updates about this site out on Twitter to make sure it stays near the top of the update list lol

I had asked about your directory link requiring URL? I am not hosted, never have been! Always did it from my computer and PalaceTools had something that would automatically update the change of IP addresses when you listed with them. So, since I don't have a URL do I put my IP addy in the field? And if my IP number changes what then? Is there any way to hide the IP addy where the bad people on the net can't see it?? I have a good firewall but can't hackers hack with just someone's ip addy even if someone has a firewall??

LOL @ "talk to Kennedy from the grave" or whatever just to get people curious and then offer them a loan or.. Palace chat!"

Thanks for answering the questions! In exchange I am back to work advertising this site! Come on folks lets get this site built up up up!!

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Old 12-15-2008 , 07:55 PM    #17 (permalink)

Palace Planet Founder

Location: DiGiLaNd
Posts: 1,048

Right, sounds like this program depends on a room list server thingy. This is the basic problem: Alissa, who wrote this program, is the one behind palacetools. Not just the tools themselves but the website and everything. Sadly something happened in her life that made it impossible to keep this all up and running. Being under strict gov. contracts I'm sure there was nothing that could be done.

So... as for add-0-room I guess we are stuck-0-matic

And I'm not a programmer so sorry but all I can do is tell you there is a lovely tutorial section that explains how to add rooms lol..

As fo chanching IP: I think I asnwered this? You can always change any info in your link but the easiesst way is to get a dynamic IP tool setup.

Redirection Service Configuration

As for promoting, great thanks!! But I do expect people to be more holiday spirit minded? Perhaps something to guide them to fun places they can visit in their browser or something.

I'm swamped with work so can't really do much more then just answer stuff. But if we can post some nice instant guide on the front page that would be cool (everything submitted to the NEWS section ends up on the frontpage as news)

good luck and have fun:)

Please don't ask me for help in private, use the USER QUESTIONS forum if you need help.

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Old 12-15-2008 , 09:06 PM    #18 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14

Ooooops sorry Maarten if you had answer my question I missed it about my not understanding where it says enter URL ("Please enter the URL to the Palace Server here") with my not being hosted I didn't know if I needed a web site to enter there or just my IP address? including the 9998 at the end of my IP address?

As for all the other information I am sure it's all very easy for most people to understand but for real I do not see well and have many physical problems so when I start out reading something, not being able to see it and not feeling well, my comprehension goes down to ground zero LOL so that is why I depended so much on the Add O Matic! I really do try to read the information but if it is long my eyesight and comprehension just stops lol where it all runs together.

I understand about Alissa! Just wish she had turned it over to someone (her directory, add o matic, etc.) instead of just letting it all go :(

Any hoot, I apologize!!! For taking so much of your time and all the questions. I shall try to give you a break now. As for being holiday spirit minded, I am sure it will hit me in about a week from now lol.

Thanks again!

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Old 12-15-2008 , 10:53 PM    #19 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14

I figured it out Maarten!! I tried looking at how others were listed and it answered my question :)

I know you are very busy so hopefully I won't have anymore questions for awhile lol


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