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Old 11-08-2003 , 07:43 AM    #1 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 14

Maarten Here is Copy of Menu zip file
My question was ..will the cross throughs affect use?
I had asked for a way to put a menu on our Gate
There are more file in the zip ..this is an example. Gee...wished I knew what I was doing *sigh*
Well ...what do you know.... there are no lines through the following text I just pasted....hmmm
Menu with windowshade dropdown, global version, 4.5.1 format:

This version of the menu is for people who want to put the menu in many rooms on their server. By setting menu operations as globals, much space can be saved on code in the pserver.pat file. The code is defined at the gates and all entry points, where the large scripts are placed, and then executed in all other rooms, where the small scripts are placed.
The fragments below are in 4.5.1 server format, but they can be pasted into older servers and will automatically be reformatted when the server is launched. These are the pics that need to be placed in the top section of the room. Be careful to verify that pic numbers aren't duplicated.

NAME "none3.gif"
NAME "wmenuon1.gif"
NAME "wmenuon2.gif"

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Old 11-08-2003 , 12:23 PM    #2 (permalink)

Palace Planet Founder

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What type of server are you running? Is this a home server or are you hosted?

Do you know how to edit your Psever.pat file? This is the big script that contains all the info for your Palace. You can edit it in Notepad or BBedit or Ultraedit, whatever you got on your system. (do NOT use wordpad or Word or any wordprocessor, they add extra formatting codes Palace can't read)

Just take 1 version and just copy it to your pserver.pat. Make sure you have a good backup of your psefver.pat before you start experimenting though.

Just take 1 example, if you got a windows server or mac th 4.5.1 example of not for you thats for Linux/Unix only.

Copy it into a test room, you just need to "Do it" to see how this works because it is pretty basic. And I can't add anything to Glides explanation, all you have to to is read it carefully and do what he says. Don't think about it to much or you get confused :)

As long as yo have a good BACKUP nothing can go wrong.

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