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The Palace User Software Guide for Windows

Quick Reference

Welcome to the Palace! Once you've installed the software, you're ready to meet people and explore Palace sites. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to get going:
What to do How to do it
Log on for the first time
Logging on for the first time
Connect to a Palace
Connecting to Palace Sites
Ask a Palace operator for help
Paging an operator
Change your name
Changing your name
Customize your roundhead avatar
Customizing your roundhead avatar
Get a new avatar
Creating a new avatar
Send messages to people
Talking to people
Have a private conversation
Whispering and ESP (private messages)
Change your balloon
Special balloons
Find other people
Finding people
Join somebody else
Joining another user
Move around within your room
Click on the spot where you want to go
Find doors and hot spots to other places
Spots and doors
Go to another room
Jumping to a specific room and Going forward and backwards
Use props
General prop actions
Create or edit a prop
Creating and editing props with the prop editor
Play sounds
Playing sounds
Use special shortcut keys
Hotkey combinations
Use special member commands
Palace Command Summary and Creating and maintaining your own room.